Charles “Chuck” Williams

Program Manager

    Mr. Charles “Chuck” Williams currently serves as a Program Manager for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA’s) Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) in Washington, DC. Mr. Williams Joined the HQ OSBP in March of 2018.  Mr. Williams oversees the Agency’s SDB\8(a) Program, Small Business Technical Adivisorys\Small Business Technical Coordinators Program, and serves as the Liaison to the Office of Procurement and the Office of the General Counsel, as well as the SBA Scorecard Manager. In addition, Mr. Williams serves as the Program Manager for NASA’s Shared Services Center in Mississippi, Stennis Space Center in Mississippi, Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, OH and Goddarg Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD.

    As a Program Manager, Mr. Williams is responsible for providing small business guidance by presenting and interpreting Federal and Agency-wide policy to NASA Centers, external Government agencies, and Industry.  Mr. Williams has an Electrical Engineering Dregree and is responsible for the development of guidance and policy to implement the Small Business Technical coordinators program as well as engaging the Center Technical Advisorys in the Small Business Program.

    Mr. Williams began his career with NASA in August 2006 at the Johnson Space Center (JSC) were he served as the Senior Small Business Specialist, the Center Technical Advisor, and the POC for the JSC Mentor Protégé Program.  While at JSC Mr. Williams was responsible for ensuring JSC is in compliance with applicable Small Business statues, regulations, and guidelines; developing JCS’s Center Level Small Business Goals, reporting on the accomplishment of those goals, and helping to develop recommended goals that are included in Request For Proposals.  His office was also responsible for identifying potential opportunities that could be set aside for Small Businesses. As the Center Technical Advisor Charles works directly with Program Offices and Directorates to identify potential work that can be set aside for small businesses and assist other Center Small Business Specialist in determining the extent to which small businesses can perform contracts and particularly on high technology contracts.